Corona hygiene concept
In principle, the applicable Lower Saxony Corona Ordinance applies.

We are pleased that we can welcome at the wohlBfinden in Braunlage. 

However, the circumstances require that a few things have to be done and prepared before arrival.

Corona proof (2G + rule)
We have to insist that you have your vaccination certificate or proof of corona recovery for every guest from the age of 18 upon arrival. In addition, we have to insist on an official corona test that is no longer than 24 hours old. No test is necessary for the booster vaccination. The documents can be sent as a photo or scan by email to or via Whats-App to 0152-564 909 45 before arrival.

luca app
You also need the luca app. To do this, download the app on your smartphone and create an account in the luca app. On arrival you will be asked to scan the code with the luca app. Data protection is ensured via the luca app. We do not receive any personal information!

Face mask when entering the house
We would like to ask all guests to wear a face mask when entering the house. FFP2 masks are mandatory.

Use disinfectants
Disinfectants are provided in the entrance areas of the house. Please use this when entering the house. There are also disinfectant spray bottles for doorknobs, light switches, kitchen appliances and dishes, fittings, remote controls, table tops, chairs, banisters, cabinet handles, clothes hangers, bedside tables, etc. in the apartments Kill or inactivate bacteria.)

Contact and distance
Every person has to limit physical contact with other people who do not belong to the members of their own household. Please keep a distance of at least 2 m from your guests in the apartments.

wash your hands
Please wash your hands regularly with soap and water for about 20-30 seconds.

Ventilate regularly
Regular ventilation improves hygiene and improves air quality. Ventilate the apartment regularly, even when the outside temperature is cold, for 5 to 10 minutes. This removes moisture from the room and then also creates a pleasant warmth.

First clean, then disinfect
Disinfection involves using chemicals such as bleach or alcohol to kill germs. However, disinfection does not replace cleaning. That is why dirt, impurities and germs must first be removed with soap or detergent and water. Only then does disinfection make sense.

Clean cutlery, crockery and kitchen utensils in the dishwasher at at least 60 ° C or with the warmest possible water and washing-up liquid. Also clean the kitchen sponges and dish brushes. If possible, kitchen towels should be used. Kitchen sponges / towels are replaced after each guest's stay.

Wear impervious disposable gloves
Gloves that have been worn must be removed after use in such a way that the hands are not contaminated. After taking off the gloves, they are disposed of. In addition, your hands will be washed thoroughly immediately.

Cleaning by apartment service

Apartment service hygiene concept
Our apartment service Peinemann has of course also created a hygiene concept for cleaning and maintaining the apartments.
This is constantly monitored and accompanied by the DRK's on-call manager, as is the mandatory quick tests for all employees.

We open the windows in the holiday home at least 20 minutes before and after cleaning (ventilation, not tilted) and let in fresh air. If possible, we leave the windows open during the entire cleaning process.

Cleaning rags and cleaning cloths
Cleaning cloths are disposed of immediately after use. Mops and other cleaning utensils are changed for each apartment and washed at at least 60 degrees.

Hand and bath towels, bed linen, mattress covers etc. are washed at at least 60 degrees.